Coming up soon…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on Girl, Reading; life has just completely taken over in the last couple of weeks!  I do have a few things planned though that I hope you’ll enjoy.  I couldn’t let 2016 draw to a close without a round-up of my favourite books of the year, and I’m currently reading some great books that I’m itching to share.  Andrew Taylor’s “Fireside Gothic” is a unique collection of unsettling stories perfect for a dark winter’s evening; “Sister Noon” is another quirky novel by the author who stunned me with one of the best twists ever in “We are all Completely Beside Ourselves”; and I’m finally reading the word of mouth poetry hit, “Milk and Honey”, and am very much enjoying the sensation of having my emotions pulled this way and that by some deceptively simple verse that really packs a punch.  I was hoping to get a review of something Christmassy up there before the big day arrives, but yet again it looks as though time is against me!

So happy Christmas to all my lovely readers!  Enjoy the festive season, however you’re spending it, and see you back on the blog soon.


Christmas Shopping

I’m actually doing pretty well with my Christmas shopping this year: I’m over half way through and, with one irritating exception, I know exactly what I’m going to get for the remaining half.  In fact I’m so pleased with myself that even as I write this I’ve just had to break off to pour myself a congratulatory glass of wine.  Go me.  To be fair though, my life is made a little bit easier owing to the fact that there’s one item on the shopping list that appears every year – and since this is a book blog there are no prizes for guessing what that item is.  I love buying books for people; although it can be challenging it’s also immensely rewarding when you get it right, and often as I’m reading books throughout the year I’m also considering whether there’s anyone I know who’ll appreciate it too.  There have been a few flops among the successes, but luckily my friends and family are honest enough to tell me if they didn’t enjoy one of my choices.  As it happens, my biggest book-giving faux pas wasn’t so much a misjudged choice, but rather the time I actually presented a friend with the same novel two Christmases running; incredibly sweet soul that she is, she graciously said that I obviously knew he reading taste very well as she’d enjoyed it so much the first time round.  In a way I don’t mind if someone doesn’t get on with something I’ve picked out for them (unless it’s a personal favourite of mine, in which case I feel as aggrieved as if someone had insulted a member of my family), because I genuinely think that almost everyone gets that I put a lot of thought into my literary matchmaking, even if the romance doesn’t blossom.

And let’s not forget, I love receiving books as presents too!  The reality is that most people daren’t risk it simply because they know how many I buy for myself anyway – but I’m always willing to be surprised by a curveball I never would have chosen.  Top of my Christmas wish-list this year (just saying…) is “Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts” (because I really, honestly, truly cannot justify spending my money on this), so if anyone I know is reading this, you have been officially notified…

The wine is gone, which suggests it’s time to stop writing, so see you all back on the blog soon!