About me

My name’s Juliet, thirty-something book lover and book blogger.  By day I work in a bookshop.  By night…. well, I mostly read.  This blog is not only about reviewing the books I love and want to share, but also an outlet for the general reading-related musings that preoccupy the mind of a self-confessed book hoarder.  Ancient or modern, classic or obscure, my taste is pretty eclectic, so I hope there’s something for everyone here.

My mission is to share the infinite joy of a world filled with books – which is a pretty wide remit!  So here’s a quick guide to what you’ll find where on This Girl’s Book Room.

My Ramblings – my miscellaneous thoughts on books, reading – and blogging – will all be found here.

My Reviews – exactly what it says on the tin; I will always write an honest review but since this is intended to be a predominantly positive space if I’ve absolutely hated a book it won’t feature here!

My Bookish Travels – this is where I share my experiences of places I’ve been and things I’ve seen along the way – all book-related, naturally.  If I’ve been to an exhibition, festival, signing or just a flippin’ great bookshop I’ll be sure to tell you about it.

Bibliography Corner – this is the bit where we can all gather to have a good old geek-out. Expect photos of ridiculously attractive books and the bookshop finds that have caught my eye.

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Enjoy your visit to my blog – happy reading!