A New Year’s Treat!

I get a bit grumpy sometimes about having a December birthday but it does have its upsides: a combination of Waterstones vouchers for both birthday and Christmas (yay!) means I’ve got a proper stash to go on a spree with in 2021! Of course, sadly bookshops are now closed for the foreseeable, but I managed to get in there just before the shutdown and grab myself these beauties.

Loads of my book-loving friends have multiple editions of their favourite books, but I’ve never done that; no matter how much I love a book (or how hard I fall in love with a special edition) I just can’t bring myself to double up. All these beautiful things, therefore, are classics I don’t already have in my collection. How I’ve missed out on owning Persuasion all this time I’m not sure as it’s probably my favourite Austen, but that hideous error is now rectified by this glorious Chiltern edition. I only came across this publisher for the first time a few months ago and their books are GORGEOUS – if you’ve not seen one in the flesh before I thoroughly recommend checking out their website. As for the other two purchases, well, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Macmillan Collector’s Library editions – classy cover art, gold-edged pages and small enough to fit in your pocket; what’s not to love? I have vague memories of reading Walden at university some years ago, but as anyone who’s ever studied English Literature will confirm, you have to get through soooooo many books so quickly that even some of the most enjoyable ones end up going in one side of your brain and out the other at some speed. Time then, I thought, to revisit it when, let’s face it, I have A LOT more time on my hands….

If any of you were lucky enough to get book tokens this Christmas, what was in your new year book haul?

Thanks for reading, see you next time x

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