A calm and quiet Wednesday

Somehow blogging doesn’t seem like the appropriate thing to do this week. When you’ve witnessed such distressing scenes as have been broadcast into our homes over the last few days, suddenly my opinions on the book I’m reading seem not just unimportant, but almost insulting to everyone who’s out there fighting battles with which I, through the luck of my socially privileged position, will never have to contend . My head feels crammed to breaking point, the pent up feelings that have gradually been building during the weeks of isolation finally pushed to breaking point by the despair of witnessing man’s inhumanity to man – I don’t know about you, but sometimes it simply feels like to much misery, too much grief, too much injustice to even begin to comprehend.

I will be back of course, because reading is not only escapism but an opportunity to listen, to learn and to broaden our understanding if we use it in the right way. But for tonight, I’m going to sit and watch the light fade from the sky, and I’m going to breathe, and contemplate, and refocus. It’s about trying to find that balance between wrapping ourselves in the comfort blanket of the things we love, and looking outside of our bubble to witness – and not only witness but intellectually explore – the parts of life we may wish we didn’t have to see.

Thank you for reading: the books will be back very soon. In the meantime I wish you a peaceful Wednesday.

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