Diary of a Bad Blogger


A much needed day off after a tough week of work, during which I’ve had no time, energy or quite honestly inclination for blogging.  A trip to the supermarket to replenish my empty kitchen is essential but resolve to do some writing in the afternoon.  The effort of all this proves too much, however, and succumb to a nap – well, not insignificant sleep – that leaves me in a mental fug for the rest of the day.  TV accompanied by my earlier supermarket spoils it is then.


Back at work and quite frankly want to weep at the speed with which all the enthusiasm and positivity restored by my day off has been beaten out of me.  Can’t bring myself anywhere near putting pen to paper tonight.


Slightly more productive evening in that I at least find time to do some reading if not actual blogging.  Until 9.00pm when Tattoo Fixers comes on….getting a bit tired of it now actually as it’s reached the point where almost every tattoo horror story starts with the words, “So I was on a lads’ holiday in Magaluf…” but I still find myself wasting an hour on it before I decide to go to bed.


To my delight I have a genuinely acceptable reason for not producing any writing this evening, and that’s because I am treated to dinner at the house of a friend whose culinary talents outstrip mine a hundred fold.  In all honesty though, that’s not hard.  Return home extremely contented, and half a stone heavier – but once more blogless.


Try SO HARD to write something for the blog this evening as am determined to get a post up by the end of the week.  Music off, TV off, total concentration – but nothing comes.  Manage to grind out a few uninspiring lines that I promptly cross through viciously, enraged at my own incompetence.  Back where I started at the beginning of the day, and there’s not even any wine in the house with which to console myself.  How did this happen?


Go for a run today.  No other achievements – physical, creative or intellectual – are required.


Decide that the only way forward is to wholeheartedly embrace my lack of blogging success.  So many people out there are writing about how they manage to maintain a consistent, well-written and engaging blog, so why shouldn’t I write about how I’m managing to fail in spectacular fashion?  Ironically this turns out to be the easiest blog post I’ve written in a very long time…  


5 thoughts on “Diary of a Bad Blogger

  1. The struggle is real! I cannot imagine working full time and finding the time and energy to blog consistently. Once my youngest is in school and I return to the work force, I’m sure I will also struggle to find the time to dedicate to blogging. Chin up my friend!

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