Some Wednesday night facts about me!

I’m in between book reviews at the moment and thought a fun way to fill the blogging gap would be to share a few utterly random things about myself.  I love getting to know the people behind the blogs, and I’ve not yet shared that much about the girl who’s doing all the reading…

Favourite food – chicken and sausage casserole…however, there has to be sage and onion stuffing in there as well or it’s just not complete!  Otherwise, cake.  Literally any cake will do.

Biggest fear – spiders (very boring, I know).  Or my somewhat more abstract but no less real fear of getting to the end of my life and having regrets about things I haven’t done.

Most amazing place I’ve been – so far, Rome, without a doubt.  I didn’t think it was possible to have so much awe-inspiring history crammed into such a small radius, and I’d love to go back and fill in all the gaps I missed first time round.

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Place I’d most like to go – there are so many, but I think top of my list would be a trip to see the Northern Lights.

When I’m not reading I’m… usually at work unfortunately, although it does involve books so it’s not all bad!  Or I’m finding an excuse to eat more cake.

Cats or dogs?  – having owned both I’m afraid I’m going to alienate my cat-loving readers now by coming down on the side of dogs (sorry!)  Don’t get me wrong, I adore cats too but let’s face it, you can’t take a cat for a run along the beach or down the pub with you!

Guilty pleasure – I spend – sorry, waste – far too much time watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory on E4 that I’ve seen a million times before.

Book I’m reading right now – there’s never just one!  In fact, I’m doing quite well at the moment by only having two on the go: “Sacrilege” by the ever-reliable S J Parris, and “The Watchmaker of Filigree Street”, which is completely wonderful!

I’ll be back on the blog soon with more reviews for you, but in the meantime, happy reading!

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