Summer Distractions

After a bit of a dry patch where my blog was concerned, I was just starting to get my mojo back… and then the flippin’ Olympics happened.  For someone who just about manages to drag herself to the gym once a month and would rather have her nose in a book than participate in any activity that involves running/hitting a ball/getting moderately out of breath, I enjoy watching sport on TV an inordinate amount.  But after an embarrassing July in which I managed a measly single blog post, I’m determined that August will be a better month – so with that in mind, I’m typing away at my laptop while keeping half an eye on Tom Daley in the diving…

If you’ve visited Girl, Reading over the last couple of days you’ll know that I’ve just finished reading Jessie Burton’s “The Muse”, which will be a pretty hard act to follow.  So I’ve gone for something completely different and am currently half way through “The Vegetarian”, a bizarre and unsettling novel translated from the Korean that’s worlds away from anything I’ve read recently.  I am also part way through Orhan Pamuk’s “Silent House” – but it’s one of those books that while being top quality writing isn’t calling me back to it when I’ve put it down, so that one may be shelved for a later date when I’m in the right mood for it.  A friend of mine has lent me “The Past”, which I’m excited to try as it looks like it might be reminiscent of Marilynne Robinson, an author whose novels I do appreciate despite the fact that they tend to be pretty downbeat and not the most uplifting of stories.  And after all that I feel like I also need a nice, easy comfort read to counteract the drama and trauma – the book to provide that laid back reading experience, however, is yet to be decided!

I’m off to the New Forest this week for a few days of walking, wildlife spotting (hopefully) and relaxation – see you all again on my return.  I wish you a happy week of reading 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Summer Distractions

  1. Have a great trip. And let us know what you decide to go for as a comfort read. I know you like historical fiction, do you read Susanna Gregory?


    1. Thank you! I went for Lamentation by CJ Sansom in the end – have never tried Susanna Gregory actually but I’m sure I’d enjoy her books as I do love all things historical. What era does she write about?


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