Post-holiday blues…

If you’re a regular visitor to Girl, Reading you’ll know I’ve been lucky enough to be away on holiday boating on the Norfolk Broads for the past week…and my word, has it been hard coming back!  Normally after a bit of time away from the blog I’m buzzing with new ideas and raring to go, but this time for some reason I’m having real trouble getting my writing head back on.  That’s not to say there hasn’t been a lot of reading going on -far from it.  In fact, for the last few weeks I’ve found myself in an absolute purple patch when it comes to books, having been lucky enough to come across some amazing novels that I really do want to share with you all.  I just can’t seem to summon up the inspiration to get my own words onto the page in order to review them…

I solemnly swear I will keep trying!  In the meantime though, I think it might be time for a bit of help from all my fellow bloggers out there – how do you cope in those moments when you feel like you’ve lost the writing bug?


2 thoughts on “Post-holiday blues…

  1. Here are a few things that help me…
    – Try a new setting: outside, a cafe, the library, etc
    – Write in small chunks: don’t feel pressure to write an entire post or review in one sitting. Try writing for a little bit, then switch to something else or a different post
    – Vistit popular blogs and get motivation

    Hope you get your groove back soon!


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