Cover of the week!

A very brief post this evening, but a celebratory one!  Book covers are a fundamental part of the reading experience for me; a bad one can mean you may never give that book the chance it perhaps deserves, and conversely a fabulous one will jump up and down, waving its arms in your face and leave you with no choice but to select that book over all the others waiting to be read.  There are some immensely talented people out there beavering away to bring us readers the best that book cover art has to offer, and what better way to show my appreciation than by featuring one such top notch cover on my blog?  By the way, the story lurking behind this artwork is phenomenal so far as well (thank goodness, because there’s nothing more disappointing than a novel that doesn’t fulfill the promise of its packaging), and I’m sure there will be a review here before too long – but in the meantime, stop for a few seconds and feast your eyes on my cover of the week, “The Essex Serpent”!


If there are any book covers that have caught your eye recently, then do share them!

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