Why Bookworms love Summer!

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a bad time to be a bookworm, but as I lay out in the garden yesterday with a book – in shorts, SHORTS! for the first time this year – I mused that yes, there’s lots for the book fanatic to love about this season…

  • Reading outside – probably the most obvious one, but reading in the warm sunshine is a blissful feeling like no other. Plus you can top up your tan at the same time (or more likely, get so absorbed in your book that before you know it the hoped-for golden glow vanishes in favour of more lobster-like hues.  This happens to me every year.)
  • It’s new paperback season – this is the time of year when all those tempting new hardbacks that came out in the previous autumn are finally released in paperback. If like me you’re not a huge hardback buyer, then summer paperback season is the perfect time to go on a book shopping spree.  As if we needed an excuse…
  • Light evenings – as soon as the clocks go back in October it’s as if someone has flicked a switch that drains all my energy away. It’s with immense eagerness, therefore, that I look forward to British Summer Time; now I will finally be able to stay awake in the evening long enough to finish that chapter!
  • Time off work – I’m lucky enough to have a job where activity peaks in the run up to Christmas, so in the summer I usually manage to get fairly frequent weeks off work, hooray! Sometimes I don’t let on anyone but a select few that I have time off coming up, as I’d often rather have a week to myself to read than a full social calendar…
  • Holidays – reading in the English sunshine is one thing; reading on a poolside sun-lounger in a glorious island paradise is quite another. Sadly for me this is a very occasional treat rather than an annual occurrence, but as long as I have a book in my hand I’m usually pretty happy no matter where I am!

It’s fair to say that the blazing sunshine of the last few days has put me in an incredibly buoyant mood and sent me off into one of those obsessive reading frenzies that happen every now and then.  Hopefully this will result in some more reviews up on the blog soon, but until then, I hope summer has arrived wherever you are!


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