Spring is here!

I always feel a huge sense of relief when the clocks go forward.  It’s as if the countdown to summer has finally begun (despite the storm force winds and icy chill outside) and the lighter evenings bring with them a significant surge in productivity.  I’ve never been a night owl, and quite honestly in the dark depths of winter I can just about manage to get home from work and make dinner before my eyelids start to droop.  The minute I get that magical extra hour of daylight, however, I become a different person – a trip to the gym seems bearable, I lose all desire to fall asleep in front of the television and best of all, I can read and blog until the small hours if the mood takes me!  I’m really looking forward to blogging more over the coming months, and reading more too.  “The Silversmith’s Wife”, which I’ve just finished (and if you haven’t read my review yet, do head over to the reviews section and check it out) has got me back on the reading horse after being unseated by a few aborted attempts at some pretty depressing novels.  All in all, everything is looking up!  I hope you all had a lovely Easter break, and I’ll see you back on Girl, Reading very soon.

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