Monday night greetings

I anticipate tomorrow being wonderful for three reasons:

  1. I have a day off work
  2. My car needs to go into the garage
  3. According to all the weather forecasts it’s going to be sodden and blowing a gale all day

All of which add up to my having no choice but to have a stay-at-home reading day.

There’s a slight twinge of guilt that I won’t be cracking on with my Christmas shopping, which has, after an initial frenzied burst of enthusiasm, slowed to a near standstill – but when the stars align to produce the perfect conditions for a day of literary indulgence, who am I to resist?

I’ve ever so nearly finished “The Haunted Hotel” and am in the home straight with “Katherine”, so with any luck there will be a couple of reviews up on the blog very soon.  And although I promised myself I’d hold off anything festive until December I might just have to give in and treat myself to a snowy, sparkly read.  The Christmas fiction section of my bookshelves (yes, I’m afraid I have a designated Christmas fiction section) is ever more alluring as the nights draw in and the slipper-boots come out.

I’m about to ease myself into my Tuesday of reading with a chilled glass of white and a good book (of course) – see you back on the blog very soon!

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