November is here!

It’s with a slight sense of shame that I look back on the autumn reading ambitions I wrote about on the blog a couple of months ago.  Out of what seemed at the time a pretty exciting list I’ve managed to read…  The problem is that I suffer from something I can only describe as book-magpie syndrome: if something bright and shiny and exciting comes along, then my carefully constructed “to be read” list goes out the window.  That said, those bright and shiny distractions have given me a really enjoyable few weeks of reading so I can’t have too many regrets!

It’s with some trepidation, then, that I’m sharing with you today the next tranche of novels I’m hoping to get through before too long.  There may be reviews popping up on Girl, Reading sometime soon – or not, depending on how many other bright and shiny and exciting books come along between now and then…

“Katherine” by Anya Seton – now this one I can guarantee I‘ll be blogging about, as I’ve actually started it!  At the moment I’m pretty close to thinking it’s the best historical novel I’ve ever read; food for an interesting blog discussion if ever there was one.

“The Haunted Hotel” by Wilkie Collins – abysmally late with this one really, since if I’d had any foresight at all it would have made the perfect Halloween blog post!  I love Wilkie Collins but didn’t know this book existed until couple of weeks ago; looks like one to read with the lights on!

“Astray” by Emma Donoghue – this collection of short stories looks intriguing.  I’ve heard so many positive things about her other novels, “Room” in particular, so I can’t wait to get started on this.

“The Skull and the Nightingale” by Michal Irwin – I got a signed copy of this as a present last week, which I’m well and truly chuffed with.  A historical setting (hooray!) but it’s the 18th century, a period about which I know far less than some others, so it’s something a bit different to look forward to.  Awesome cover too.

I also have a little pile of Christmas books at the ready, but something tells me it’s a bit too early to start on these just yet!  Keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks and I’ll let you know how November’s reading is shaping up…

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