In celebration of a booky day!

It seems like ages since I’ve had a day off work with any spare time to actually sit and read.  Other unfortunate life events (broken boilers, the necessity to start Christmas shopping while I still have some money left) have taken over and cruelly robbed me of my book time.  Not today – today was well and truly a booky day, the first in a long time and one I’ve savoured.

It started off with a wander into town to get rid of some of my more ridiculous stilettos into an obliging charity shop….and once there it would have been rude not to browse the book section.  I do love a bit of charity shop browsing, and sure enough I came away with a couple of classics I’ve not read before: “Lady Audley’s Secret”, which caught my eye as I remembered it was a firm favourite of an old colleague of mine, and “The Bertams” by Anthony Trollope, an author I’ve enjoyed before but not a book I’d heard of.  Having got home with my bargainous purchases I realised that these additions would undoubtedly mean rearranging two of my bookcases, so of course that had to happen without further ado…

The afternoon was pretty much the perfect reading afternoon: rain pouring down relentlessly and no demands on my time other than trotting periodically to the kitchen to replenish my mug of tea.  I finally made a start on “Devotion” – I don’t want to say too much at this point other than it could be shaping up to be my book of the year so far.  Then, because I was just so excited to have literally hours of free reading time, I moved on to “The Paying Guests”, because what could round off a booky day better than a gloriously written, erotically charged period drama?

My booky day, of course, ends with this blog!  I couldn’t not celebrate the joy of a simple day spent reading…hope you enjoy your next book day too.

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