Spotted! The new books catching my eye right now…

Unbelievably it won’t be long now until the autumn publishing schedule kicks off and the biggest names in books bring out their latest offerings ready for (whisper it) Christmas.  Just before we get there though, I thought I’d share with you a few gems – or rather potential gems – that have caught my eye and will be making their way onto my TBR pile over the coming weeks.

  • “The Marriage of Opposites” by Alice Hoffman

The first book of hers I tried was her latest, “The Museum of Extraordinary Things”.  Having fallen head over heels in love with it I went straight back for more and was astonished to discover just how many novels she’s written over the years.  As a new fan arriving incredibly late to the party, I’m extremely excited to try this next book; I imagine her many well-established fans will feel the same.

  • “Belonging” by Umi Sinha

So this looks like it’s right up my street!  It’s a debut novel and, according to my internet noseyings, is a multigenerational story that flits back and forth between England and India and ranges from the nineteenth century to just after the First World War.  The cultural impact of British Imperialism is a fascinating and occasionally disquieting subject, and it looks as if this book might explore what it meant to be part of a family that spans continents during that period of history.  There’s nothing like discovering a new author via their debut novel so I hope this lives up to expectations.  Also, the cover is gorgeous!

  • “Season of the Rainbirds” by Nadeem Aslam

I’ve been a fan of his ever since I read “Maps for Lost Lovers”, but the one novel I haven’t yet read is this one.  It’s not a new book but rather a reissue of his first novel, originally published in the early 1990s and due for rerelease in September.  I expect many of you out there will have come across it already seeing as it’s been around a long time, but I’m still very excited to catch up on this book that I’ve somehow missed.  If you’ve never tried this author before perhaps now is the time to give him a go!

  • “Devotion” by Ros Barber

I thought “The Marlowe Papers” was one of the cleverest things I’ve read in a long time, not least because of its insanely ambitious construction.  A 400 page novel written entirely in verse?  How many authors would attempt a feat like that?!  And once you’ve got over being mesmerised by the pitch-perfect poetry, you realise it’s also as gripping as any thriller you can name.  So I was super-excited when I heard she had another novel pending; vastly different from the previous one in almost every respect from what I can gather, but I have no doubt it will be equally amazing.

3 thoughts on “Spotted! The new books catching my eye right now…

    1. Oh my goodness, I didn’t see your username when your comment first came up…how embarrassing, I’m sorry. I’m really looking forward to reading your book, it looks amazing and I’m sure I’ll be talking about it on my blog when I’ve finished 🙂


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