Sun, Sea and Sansom: my summer holiday reading

Not too long now and I’ll be lounging by a pool, soaking up the Mediterranean sun (or more likely blathering myself with the factor 50 and desperately trying not to fry my resolutely pasty skin) and indulging myself with a good book or five.  Today, though, I have the fun of deciding which books will be making the trip with me; no Kindle for me, just the traditional method of paperbacks crammed in among the bikinis and flip-flops.  Unfortunately I’ve already caved and started one of the novels I was planning to keep back for the holiday.  My friend, holiday companion and equally avid reader, has also succumbed (“the book I was saving for the holiday opened and the words accidentally fell into my eyes” was one of her recent text messages).  I’m wondering whether this might be the ideal opportunity to get my teeth into some of the books I’ve been putting off due to their sheer size and thus the amount of reading endurance required to finish them; “Fall of Giants” by Ken Follett springs to mind.  I certainly can’t afford to take anything so light I will have finished it in a couple of hours as I’m foreseeing a lot of enforced laziness and therefore a lot of book time on this trip.  I have to say, the prospect of hours spent with my nose in a book without any guilt or other demands on my time is absolute bliss… But to return to my choices, there’ll definitely be something historical, quite possibly the last C J Sansom.  As for the rest, well, you’ll find out what they were when a plethora of reviews suddenly turns up on the blog in a few weeks’ time!  All I can say with certainty is that to my mind there’s no such thing as a typical beach read; it just has to be, as ever, a fantastic book!  I look forward to sharing my reviews with you soon.

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