Things that make you go AAARGH!

This post is inspired by a moment of forgetfulness that has caused me an inordinate amount of annoyance today, namely getting home from work relishing the prospect of a good chunk of reading on my day off tomorrow, only to realise I’ve left my book in the staffroom.  I’m sure I’ll cope somehow (I might actually get some housework done) but it got me thinking of those little nuisances that plague the existence of bookworms everywhere.  True, digital reading has done away with many of these trials and tribulations, but if like me you’re still very much in the physical books camp then I’m sure you can relate…

  • When you’ve started collecting a series of books and then part way through the publisher changes the style of cover design – this heart-breaking turn of events happened to me as I was working my way through Philippa Gregory’s oeuvre. Suddenly the crackleglaze-style background design was out, horrible close-up facial photographs were in *sobs*.
  • You realise that you can read books so much faster than the poor authors can write them, and by the time the next instalment of a series comes out you’ve completely forgotten who everyone was and what they were doing.
  • A bit of a controversial one this as I know plenty of people who do it, but I can’t bear lending books only to have them returned with the corners of pages turned down!   A.  Bookmark.
  • Dropping books in the bath.
  • You’re nearing the conclusion of a heart-stoppingly exciting novel… then discover you’ve bought one from the print run where pages 287 to 310 are missing and replaced by pages 51 to 74 again. Kindle owners, you will never know this pain…
  • The feeling of disbelief as you realise your bookshelves are somehow full AGAIN, and that wobbly floor stacks are about to start making your home one enormous trip hazard once more.

Make my irritating day better: share some of your booky gripes with me!  I suspect I’ve only scratched the surface…

6 thoughts on “Things that make you go AAARGH!

  1. Damaging a book in ANY way except for wear and tear caused by loving use. I will relax this rule for the occasional work of non-fiction where some pencil annotation might just be acceptable. As you can probably tell I am not a great person to borrow from! Having said that, I would rather a book was read and treated badly than left languishing unread in pristine condition on a shelf.


    1. I’m definitely with you on that one! It’s one thing for books to look well-used, quite another to be damaged through lack of respect. I have to say I’m very careful when deciding who gets to borrow my books!


  2. Having a beautiful book cover change because the book has been made into a film. Why they feel the need to use the movie poster on the front cover is beyond me.


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