A few bookish facts about me

I’ve had Girl, Reading up and running for a few months now, and I thought it was time I shared a bit more about myself.  If you’re a regular visitor to my page you’ll probably have gleaned some insight into my reading life but today I’d like to tell you, by means of some brief bookish facts, more about the bookworm behind the blog!

Literary character most like me

Jane from “Pride and Prejudice” – I imagine had I been born a couple of centuries earlier I would actually have been Jane Bennet!  Thoughtful, responsible, always concerned about doing right by others….and no possibility of ever getting involved in anything remotely exciting or scandalous, more’s the pity!

Favourite genre

I love all kinds of books but it has to be historical fiction.

Favourite childhood book

I had an Enid Blyton obsession for much longer than was probably healthy (the Famous Five and the Adventure series were my favourites), but the single book that sticks in my mind over and above any other is “The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark”.  It featured a fluffy baby owl called Plop – what’s not to love?

Least favourite book of all time

I’m not going to count any books I’ve abandoned as I feel it’s only fair to pass judgement on complete works!  According to those criteria my worst read ever was Moby Dick.  I can hear the howls of disagreement as I type but sorry, I just couldn’t bear it!

Favourite Shakespeare play

Seeing as I’m named after one of the Bard’s tragic heroines I felt I should throw this in there!  I’ve always been a tragedy girl (take from that what you will) so it has to be Macbeth; I’ve seen many interpretations over the years and each one has made me come away with another new perspective.

Book I’ve recommended most to others

Donna Tartt’s “The Secret History” – not a particularly original choice I know, but it’s so flippin’ good!

Book I wish I’d written

“An Equal Music”, sadly written by Vikram Seth not me…. If I’d managed to tell a story as graceful, atmospheric, moving and authentic as this one, I’d feel I could never have captured our human need for love and art any better.

So there we go; I hope you feel you know me a little bit better!  I’m sure I’ll reveal some more bookish facts about myself in future blog posts, but for now I’d love to hear a booky fact about you…

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