Hidden treasures – introducing a new blog featurette!

I love reading new books just as they’re released, catching a novel right at that perfect moment when the buzz that will shortly become a cacophony is still a faint hum in the distance.  But so many of the books I love and want to recommend are long since out of print – hence my latest blog featurette!  In celebration of all the long lost literature out there, every Tuesday I’ll be sharing with you one of my favourite reads that may have disappeared from the shelves of your local bookshop but is well worth tracking down.  No lengthy reviews here, just quick tips nudging you in the direction of some fabulous books you may have missed the first time round.

The first book to have the honour of appearing in the imaginatively-named Quick Tip Tuesday feature is:

Astraea by Jane Stevenson

Like “The Miniaturist”, one of last year’s most talked-about books, this novel is set in seventeenth century Holland.  It centres on the secrets and intrigues of the Dutch court in the 1640s – and of course, there’s a love story!  I only found out very recently whilst doing some more general research for my blog that it’s the first book in a trilogy, and if the other two turn out to be as good as this one I’ll be one very happy bookworm.  If I was going to make a comparison I would say Rose Tremain or Suzannah Dunn are perhaps the closest in style and tone, but honestly, if you’re a fan of historical fiction full stop then this will tick all your boxes.

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