A brief update!

The past week has not been a good week for blogging.  This is due in part to the fact that I’m currently under a blanket debating whether to reach for the Beechams or the Olbas Oil first, my head fuzzy, and my nose and sinuses a festival of phlegm that has well and truly repelled any muses that might have considered visiting me to provide inspiration for my writing.  I also have to admit, however, that this week I have fallen prey to the temptation that is the scourge of book lovers everywhere: starting more books than I can hope to finish anytime soon.

A quick glance at the “in progress” pile on the coffee table will reveal the following.

  1. “Armadale” – I have spent a lot of time with contemporary fiction of late and suddenly had a hankering for a good old Victorian classic
  2. “Look who’s back” – a satire, translated from the German original, imagining what might ensue if Hitler hadn’t in fact died at the end of the Second World War but was alive today and promoting himself through the many media outlets we have at our disposal
  3. “Flood of Fire” – I must resist the temptation to start gushing about this now as I will definitely be returning to it for blogging purposes at a later date; suffice to say it’s AMAZING
  4. “A Reunion of Ghosts” – an advance reading copy that I consider myself extremely lucky to have got my hands on as it’s turning out to be one of the most remarkable novels I’ve read in a long time
  5. “Death in Florence” – despite being a fiction girl first and foremost, I do always like to have some non-fiction to hand as well, and I’m a sucker for an engrossing history book

I love having book to suit every mood and it’s incredibly rare for me to have just one on the go.  And, if I’m honest, my concentration span is not the longest you’ve ever seen; I’m very easily distracted, so it suits me to be able to flit from book to book without too much in the way of commitment.  The downside is, of course, that I will have lots to write about in a couple of weeks’ time – but not a whole lot right now!  So it’s pen down, I think, and back to the reading.  I will endeavour to return before too long…

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