My name’s Juliet, thirty-something book lover and book blogger.  By day I work in a bookshop.  By night…. well, I mostly read.  This blog is not only about reviewing the books I love and want to share, but also an outlet for the general reading-related musings that preoccupy the mind of a self-confessed book hoarder.  Ancient or modern, classic or obscure, my taste is pretty eclectic, so I hope there’s something for everyone here.  I’d love to hear your bookish thoughts too so please do feel free to join the conversation!

My mission is to share the infinite joy of a world filled with books – which is a pretty wide remit!  So here’s a quick guide to what you’ll find where on This Girl’s Book Room.

My Ramblings – my miscellaneous thoughts on books, reading – and blogging – will all be here.

My Reviews – exactly what it says on the tin!  I always make sure I write honest reviews, but since this is meant to be a predominantly positive space if I’ve absolutely hated a book it won’t feature here!

My Bookish Travels – this is where I share my experiences of the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen along the way – all book-related, naturally.  If I’ve been to an exhibition, festival, signing or simply a flippin’ great bookshop I’ll be sure to tell you about it.

Bibliophily Corner – this is the bit where we can all gather to have a proper geek-out. Expect photos of ridiculously attractive books and the bookshop picks that have caught my eye.

Lastly, don’t forget there are loads of ways you can keep up with This Girl’s Book Room: Facebook, Twitter and Instgram, or you can subscribe via email so you never miss a post.

Hope you enjoy your visit to my blog.  Happy reading!

Juliet x

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